BD Core Return Program BD Core Return Program BD Core Return Program

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    Fill out the form below with your contact information.

    Ensure all information is correct as this will be passed to the distribution chain and/or your vendor for your credit to be processed.

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    Repeat to add additional core return items. Once complete click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form.

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    • Shipping costs from using prepaid return labels will be deducted from credit unless otherwise noted
    • Find your Core ID on the label affixed to the product packaging
    Core ID
    Check your email for your Order Confirmation & Shipping Labels

    Print out your shipping labels and attach them to the outside of the boxes

    Prevent Core Damage
    Packaging Best Practice 1
    1. Use a box strong enough to support the weight of the contents
    Packaging Best Practice 2
    1. Securely seal core/s inside a plastic bag to prevent leakage
    Packaging Best Practice 3
    1. Use at least two inches of appropriate cushioning material to protect items from each other and the corners, sides, top and bottom of the box
    Packaging Best Practice 4
    1. Securely seal package closures and seams with tape

    Multiple Small Core Packaging
    Multiple Small Core Packaging Best Practice 1
    1. If returning multiple smaller cores, you will be emailed a shipping label associated with each Core ID you are returning.
    Multiple Small Core Packaging Best Practice 2
    1. Simply put all the smaller cores in one box and print one of the shipping labels you received, discarding the rest.
    • No Leaking fluids, secure core(s) inside a plastic bag.
      BD is not responsible for cores received damaged, freight penalties, and/or lost shipments
    Drop the boxes off at your local shipping location
    • Shipments from USA will be provided UPS shipping labels
    • Shipments from Canada will be provided Canada Post or FedEx shipping labels
    • Once BD receives the cores, it will be inspected and graded based on Core Criteria, and, credit paperwork will be processed
    • Note that BD may reject cores or even pay partial credit if Core Criteria are not met.